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Facial Testimonials

Ellen O'Donnell, Licensed Aesthetician

"This is without a doubt the best place to get a facial in this area. I have had facials at other local spas and the Phyto facial is superior to any other facial that I have had. Ellen is an expert in skin care and aromatherapy, and really takes the time to sit with you prior to and after a facial to discuss your skin. You don't find this level of care and comfort at other places. I would highly recommend considering booking your next facial with Ellen!"

...Tami Ruggelo

"This is not your average facial. It is an experience that is truly special and every time I leave, I feel fantastic! Love the products but the best part is Ellen herself. Calm and caring with a gentle touch that makes you feel special. You can tell this is not just a job - she is truly gifted and loves what she does and, therefore, is very good at it. Pretty sure the experience couldn't be done any better, and I very much look forward to my facials with Ellen! Do yourself a favor and call her for an appointment. You will not be disappointed. Love Your Face Holistic Skin Care is the best thing you can do for your skin and for yourself!"

...Louise Robitaille

"Ellen at Love Your Face has been my go-to facial professional for years now. Her facials are always fresh and awakening, stress relieving and leave you feeling amazingly beautiful! Ellen continues to offer new products and services that meet the demand of everyone's needs. A first facial with Ellen at Love Your Face will be sure to have you come back for more. Your skin will love you!"

...Raeleen Bandini

"I had sworn off facials because previous treatments had left little 'burn' patches on my skin. I am so glad I gave Ellen a try. I had an amazing facial with her and my skin felt healthy and glowing afterwards. It was also a deeply relaxing and nurturing session."

...Natalie Eve Marquis

"Hands down, this is the BEST facial I have ever had! Ellen has a gentle, conscious touch and a warm welcoming personality. The room has a comfortable and soothing atmosphere, with subdued lighting and calming music. The holistic products left my skin glowing and feeling fantastic for days. An absolutely amazing experience that I didn't want to end."

...Lee Gates

"The outside world is forgotten once Ellen starts my facial! her calming voice, her gentle touch and the scents of essential oils does it to me every time. She is the best!"

...Helen Gosselin

"Walk into a beautiful space...Ellen greets you and gently ushers you into her specially appointed room to experience a natural, beneficial rejuvenation for both your skin and your inner being. You will glow from the inside out!"

...Paulette Thieriault

"This was the most amazing facial I have ever received! Thanks, Ellen."

...Jeana Dudley

"Ellen, I want to let you know that I felt great overall after your amazing facial treatments. The next couple of days I had more energy and a better emotional state, and that stubborn blocked pore worked its way out, too! I will definitely be a return customer."

...Dawn Hamel

"Ellen gives the most amazing facials ever, and I've had many facials at some of the best resorts. Ladies, give Ellen a call, you will NOT be disappointed."

...Kathy Barrett

"I had the best facial I've ever had. Ellen is a highly skilled holistic aesthetician. The products that she used were incredible and I could actually feel them working to soothe and nourish my skin. Ellen is the owner of "Love Your Face!" Holistic Skin Care, and is a Reiki Master, which adds to the remarkable effects of her treatments. I recommend trying her Seasonal Reiki Facial or her Decadent Chocolate Facial!"

...Patti Anastasia

"I thoroughly enjoyed my facial with Ellen. Ellen's touch was masterful and she used superior natural products, leaving my face feeling clean, clear, refreshed and moisturized. The environment in her studio is very calming, so the combination of soft lighting, music, scent and skillful touch creates a very relaxing sensory indulgence. I highly recommend the experience!"

...Chris McGuire, Boston North Property Manager

""I recently had my first facial with Ellen and I have to say it was the best facial I have ever had! I am in the Spa industry and have received glycolic treatments, chemical peels, microdermabrasion as well as deep pore cleansing facials. Ellen's was by far the most relaxing and comfortable.

The Phyto 5 Facial was comfortable for my sensitive skin and smelled wonderful! All of the products alerted my senses and relaxed me at the same time.

Ellen's hands are soft yet strong and soothing. Her neck, shoulder and arm massage will take you to another place. I felt my skin afterwards and it was so silky and smooth I could hardly believe it. And when I looked in the mirror, I looked 20 years younger! My boyfriend also remarked that my skin was silky and glowing! Thank you so much, Ellen, for the Facial I so needed! I will definitely be back!"

...Melanie Gates, massage therapist

"My skin was glowing, smooth, brighter - my face felt refreshed and rejuvenated! The Phyto skin care products were incredible and my skin felt great. Ellen explained each step, taught me about the products she uses, and hoe to improve my home skin care routine.

The Facial experience was so relaxing and I felt pampered and cared for. The calming music, dim lights, heated comfortable bed and warm towels all added to the experience. Ellen has an amazing touch and her massages were wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed my Facial and would recommend Ellen to everyone. Treat yourself and your face to a Facial with Ellen - you'll be glad you did!"

...Cathie Carrier

"I had the pleasure of receiving a Facial from Ellen. I could tell as soon as I entered her room that I was in for an excellent and luxurious treatment. Her room is dimly lit with soothing music and a very comfortable facial bed. Ellen is as warm and welcoming as her treatment room. She made me feel comfortable and relaxed. The Facial I received from Ellen was customized to my particular needs - no 'cookie-cutter' facial here!

Her touch was perfect and skilled from over my face and shoulders to down to a welcome arm and hand massage. The Phyto 5 products she uses are spectacular, all natural and nourishing. Since using the Phyto 5 line, my skin has improved to the point where people notice the change! My face feels better and is visibly brighter and smoother. I was very pleased with her pampering and highly recommend Ellen and her Facials."

...Lani Campbell

"I enjoyed my Reiki Facial with Ellen very much. She was so gentle and soothing in her approach that it was totally relaxing. She was very knowledgeable about the Phyto products she was using and explained the purpose of each as she applied them.

My Reiki Facial with Ellen was so relaxing that a headache I had disappeared while she was working on me. My skin was so glowing and smooth that I booked another Facial before I left."

...Julie Hensel

""My Facial with Ellen was marvelous. A welcoming environment, excellent products and Ellen's perfect touch made my skin look and feel years younger. Also, the results lasted days. Completely enjoyable and value for my 60-plus year old face, neck and arms, which were all included in the pampering! I highly recommend a superior Facial with Ellen."

...Sally Basler

"I was very relaxed as soon as I rested my head on the comfortable facial bed. Ellen was not only professional, but she provided me with useful information on how I could better my daily skin care routine. I've had many facials with many different product lines. Only the Phyto products that Ellen uses showed the most amazing results on my skin.

My husband always knows when I treated myself to a Facial because he says my face glows and he wants to show it off! We usually go out to dinner that night!

Ellen's treatment room is peaceful and warm. It is very clean. Soft, calming music is playing in the background. Ellen has a great massage technique and there is a serene flow to her manipulations. My face looked so clean and refreshed afterwards. I swear she reduced my age by years! How did she do that?!

A woman in Market Basket asked me what kind of face cream I used because she wanted skin like mine. I gave her Ellen's card!

I have returned again and again for Facials with Ellen and I have sent friends and co-workers to her. I love that she ends the treatment with a bottle of water and a goodie bag with, among other things, a sample of her handmade soap and a product sample to take home to use when I want to 'glow again'!"

...Donna Bateman

"I have been quite fortunate to have had many Facials from Ellen. I have always believed in the importance of taking care of your skin. At my advanced age, I find that even more important. Having a relaxing Facial in a quiet comfortable setting can make your day. I especially like Ellen's professional approach and advice. Once, after having a Seasonal Facial with Ellen, I stopped in a nearby retail establishment. The salesperson commented that I had wonderful skin and my face was glowing. That was enough to keep me going back! I would also recommend the Anti-Age Phyto Facial; it feels wonderful. We all need to take care of ourselves and this relaxing hour is my time to do just that.

My daughter asked me why I drive 45 minutes to have a Facial...I told her 'Because Ellen's the best!'. I've had many facials before and none come close to hers."

...Marianne Karp

"My Facial with Ellen felt awesome. She has just the right gentle touch; not too hard and not too light. I keep returning on a regular basis because she is very good at what she does. Since I have been using the Phyto products at home, my face feel really nice now. It has made a big difference on my skin."

...Phyllis Kallenberg

"I truly enjoyed my Facial from Ellen. The comforting atmosphere, her professional approach and the products applied made it such a wonderful relaxing experience for me. I also liked the feel and fragrance of the Phyto products she uses. I had a nice glow to my skin! Even my husband noticed it!

It's been a long time since I've had a Facial and I plan on booking more in the future. I've recommended Ellen to my friends and others. One of my co-workers gave herself a birthday present of a Facial with Ellen...I was so pleased to see how thrilled she was after receiving it!"

...Denise Muise

"I recently celebrated my birthday and treated myself to a Facial with Ellen. What an incredible gift to myself. It was a totally relaxing experience from the soft lighting and calming music to Ellen's magical massage. The Phyto products made my skin feel hydrated and so soft. And I'm enjoying using them every day at home. Ellen, I look forward to returning for another Facial. Thank you so much!"

...Linda Adler

" Ellen's Facial was deeply relaxing, from the music she plays to her very soothing therapeutic touch. I noticed my skin was softer and more radiant the next day. There was also a noticeable difference in the fine lines around my eyes. Thank you, Ellen, for bringing us your natural chemical-free Facial services."

...Helen Garber

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