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About Phytobiodermie

"This is a skincare product line I absolutely believe in because I know

it delivers great results. It nourishes, protects, heals and balances the skin

as well as our vital energy; thus it is holistic and 'energetic' skincare,

truly the top of the line." .....Ellen O'Donnell

Phytobiodermie: World Leader in Energetic, Natural, Holistic Skincare

                                Made in Switzerland

The Phytobiodermie Method: What is Energetic Skincare?

For four decades, Phyto 5 has been a pioneer in using natural, certified organic

ingredients and essential oils of the highest quality to create exceptional

skincare products with vital energy balancing properties.

The body is not simply matter (fluids and solids), but also vital energy.

It provides vitality and intelligent information throughout the body. That

flow needs to stay balanced. The body is an energetic network interconnecting

all parts through pathways, meridians and chakras (energetic centers), and

energy fields.

As a result, our skin - the largest organ of the body - is a reflexive organ

providing telltale signs of what is going on within the body. That is why

beauty is health made visible, and why proper skincare is a key element

in achieving and maintaining wellness.

What you eat, drink, breathe, and how you exercise your body, or not, will

have consequences on your health as much as on your skin. Skincare is caring

for your entire body.

The Phyto 5 Energetic Skincare line is based on the five elements of Traditional

Chinese Medicine - wood, fire, earth, metal and water. It is formulated with

blends of essential oils to make the products energetic.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, all skin conditions are attributable to an

energetic imbalance of one or more of the five elements that constitute

vital energy. Phyto 5 includes five elemental lines, each named for one of the five elements and formulated to re-balance the energies of that element.

Phyto 5 Skincare promotes radiant health and well-being, and balances vital

energy. Holisticly, it treats the whole body with harmony.

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